Macro - JD Plourde II

JD Plourde II

JD Plourde II is a New Englander currently living near the seacoast of New Hampshire. He began his photographic journey in 1983 with a hand-me-down Pentax film camera and some black and white ribbons that seemed far easier to twist onto metal spools than running digitized captures through Photoshop sometimes seems to be.

Today he shoots digital only; using the Nikon D810, and has not looked back to film since beginning to shoot digital in 2004 with the D70.

"I enjoy capturing images that lend themselves to a conversion that resembles a painting, but I'm far happier when a shot comes out of the camera looking exactly like I saw it at first blush. Sometimes it's necessary to push the limits of what your camera can capture knowing that the darkroom is where the real image will be made. Other times, you have to trust the meter."

Despite that sentiment, he's quick to admit that the best images his lens has captured are due to serendipity, synchronicity and the aligning of cosmic forces where the Spirit has gifted him with something far more brilliant than he could have imagined or planned for.

JD shoots whatever catches his eye whenever it catches his eye. He chases the autumn light and leaves. Sometimes he's up all night trying to see beyond the stars. He's been known to spend a lot of time shooting bugs and loves working with stage performances. He has photographed weddings in the local seacoast area, as far south as Bristol, CT and as far away as Cork, Ireland.